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Discover Gracie's Boutique products, a Melbourne based lifestyle store supporting local makers

Discover Gracie's Boutique products, a Melbourne based lifestyle store supporting local makers

Ask any Stockland Point Cook shopper, and they'll say Kerrie offers one of the most welcoming shops in Point Cook, filled to the brim with the most captivating products.

Introducing Kerrie, your local artisan gift expert!

There are plenty of stories that shape some of Stockland's most intriguing shops. However, not many strike such an uplifting note as Gracie's Boutique.

Kerrie - the founder of this Melbourne lifestyle store, has built a retail outlet that epitomises everything great about Australian retail. There's a special story behind their beginnings, they are dedicated to promoting local products, and the service goes above and beyond.

Learn the inspiring story behind Gracie's Boutique

We met up with Kerrie to understand more of the success story behind Gracie's Boutique. Naturally, we had to ask how it all began, and why the name?

"I started the business because my eldest daughter Gracie is on the spectrum with ADHD and learning challenges. She loved art and celebrations, and we wanted to get her started in the best possible way with real-world experience."

Kerrie continued to explain how the business started as a small online retail outlet, immersing Gracie in the world of business. However, 'Made it by Gracie', as it was then known, had an extraordinary knack for curating inspiring products.

The business evolved, with Kerrie opening Gracie's Boutique as a physical store in 2016, to build on that success and promote local artisans.

Gracie herself, pursued her dreams in the gardening world, making Kerrie very proud, "The good news is, Gracie has now gone her own way. She's a third-year apprentice gardener. She still pops into store to help out on occasion. Gracie's Boutique has evolved from initially helping my family, to what you see today.

We are about helping customers discover meaningful and unique gifts, by curating a collection of interesting products crafted by local makers."

Gracie's Boutique supports Melbourne's independent makers

When asked about the products that drive the shop's continued success, Kerrie explained how promoting locally-made products has been an integral part of Gracie's Boutique. "We do our best to support our community - I regularly buy from 18 local makers. Local to my area where possible, but we also source products from the broader Victorian area and across Australia.

There's a saying in our store – "if you like it, buy it today, because it likely won't be there tomorrow."

The constant influx of products keeps customers coming back. Kerrie buys small quantities of interesting, unique products and then moves on - keeping things fresh, “We have 6,500 lines of product at any given time, but in low quantities, so customers see something new each time they visit online or in-store."

When asked what the shop was known for, Kerrie didn’t have to pause to think, "We are well-known for our unique gifts. We curate something special, providing a point of difference from the cookie-cutter feel of main-stream retail.”

Gracie's Boutique has prevailed in the challenging retail environment of the past few years - in no small part, due to Kerrie’s ability to promote her existing online store,

"We started as an online business, so we were quick to place our focus there, once the pandemic took hold. Many customers who visit online are local. They don't necessarily buy online. They look and then buy in-store. Some of our younger buyers are the opposite. To me, it's essential to offer both to our shoppers. If you're not online, you're not part of the local conversation, and people will move on to something else."

Kerrie is rightfully proud of what she and Gracie have achieved. The store is welcoming and colourful, showcasing the very best of Melbourne makers, with the customer service to match.

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Whatever occasion, there's something special to be found at Gracie's Boutique. To browse Kerrie's products, find them on Stockland Marketplace today.