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For the Vibe Setters: Christmas home décor ideas for a chic celebration

For the Vibe Setters: Christmas home décor ideas for a chic celebration

Hosting family and friends in your space for Christmas can be extremely exciting. Not only will you have your nearest and dearest with you, but you’re also able to transform your home into a fun and festive haven full of Christmas cheer!

Now, when it comes to decorating, you could certainly go down the traditional route with candy canes and holly garlands adorning your home, but if you’re looking to switch things up with your Christmas home décor this year, why not spruce up your space with some more unexpected pieces?

So, if you’re the designated vibe setter this Christmas and this sounds like something you’d love to try, then keep reading for our tips on how to style your home for a chic Christmas celebration – it’s time to set the vibe!

Switch up your colour palette


Product captions: Habitania Clip On Poinsettia Peacock Gold 27cm $5.95, Habitania White Single Hurricane Centrepiece $149.95

When it comes to a Christmas home décor colour palette, the first shades that come to mind are always red and green. These colours go so well together, but if you’re wanting to elevate your home décor for the holidays, why not try a new colour combination? You could try pairing blue and white together or cream and gold! Gracie’s Boutique have a wide range of gold homewares available, like these Swing Gifts Cream and Gold Feather Bird Clips, and if you’re looking for a different shade of blue to use, such as a rich navy or simple pastel, Habitania have some incredible pieces that’ll add a more luxe look to your Christmas colour palette. Other great colour combinations you could try this year are green and white, or white, gold, and black!

Try a new tree


Product captions: Habitania Stella Clip on Poinsettia 25cm $6.95

Sometimes the best thing to do to upgrade your Christmas home décor is to invest in a dazzling new tree! Over the last few years, so many new tree designs have been released that’ll instantly transform your space into a festive wonderland, whilst also matching your home’s unique aesthetic. If you’re a big fan of Scandinavian interiors, then you could try displaying a tree with white leaves from Habitania and decorating it with rose gold, white and black baubles. If you’re prepared to step outside the box and really lean into the unexpected this Christmas, then why not invest in a LED Christmas tree and decorate it with sparkling green ornaments? This sort of tree is bound to catch the eye of your guests and make this Christmas feel extra magical.

Dress up your dining table


Product captions: Habitania Milawa Table Runner $44.95

Hosting a Christmas feast for your family and friends this year? You’ll need to make sure your table styling is on point! Whether you’re putting on a casual barbecue, a lavish roast dinner or a chic cocktail party, elevating your dining table will ensure your guests will still be talking about your Christmas soirée well after New Years. Grab some ornate glasses from Gracie’s Boutique to serve your Christmas beverages in, and why not pop your tasty trifle in one of the Robert Gordon serving bowls? Wrap your napkins in ceramic napkin rings from Habitania and allow your guests to eat by candlelight with a Christmas candle holder centrepiece.

Create your own decorations


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Want to impress your guests with more sentimental décor that’s been lovingly crafted by your own two hands? We’ve got you covered! To make your home feel extra special at Christmas, creating your own home décor could be the best way to show your friends and family how much you love celebrating the festive season with them. Create your own DIY Linen Christmas bon bons with handwritten facts or jokes (depending on what you and your guests prefer), and delicious lollies hidden within them. You can also create your own reusable DIY advent calendar, and use colourful wrapping from Honest Paper to add a bit of extra style to your present bundle! Then, display your incredible creations next to homewares from Habitania, [Gracie's Boutique](( and The Cumquat Tree to really set the vibe.

So, if you’re the designated vibe setter this Christmas and are looking for new ways to decorate your space, try out some of our Christmas home décor ideas to really wow your guests. Whether you’re going for a minimalist Scandi look, a whimsical iridescent aesthetic, or a classic colour combination, stock up on all your essentials here on Stockland Marketplace and make this Christmas one to remember.

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