Stockland Marketplace Refunds and Returns Policy
Last Updated: 20 January 2022

Change of Mind

1. Customers should consider and choose Products carefully before ordering and buying, as a submitted Order creates a binding agreement between the Customer and Retailer

2. As Stockland is not the seller of any products and is only acting as agent for the Retailers, Stockland does not:
a. provide a satisfaction guarantee on any products you buy through the Stockland Marketplace; or
b. offer returns, replacements or refunds if you change your mind about a product (Change of Mind Returns).

3. Some Retailers may accept Change of Mind Returns. In order to determine whether a Retailer offers Change of Mind Returns in respect of a particular product, you will need to contact the relevant Retailer.

ACL Consumer Guarantees

4. As a consumer, you are entitled to the benefit of certain statutory rights pursuant to the Australian Consumer Law in respect of goods or services you purchase from a Retailer via the Stockland Marketplace (ACL Statutory Guarantees). This means that you may have a right pursuant to the ACL Statutory Guarantees in certain circumstances to return a product for a repair, replacement or refund.

Making a request for a refund, replacement, repair or return

5. Any request for a refund, replacement, repair or return can be made through one of the following processes:
a. if you have created an account on the Stockland Marketplace (Stockland Marketplace Account), you can submit a request by:
i. logging into your Stockland Marketplace Account;
ii. clicking My Account, then viewing your Purchase History;
iii. selecting Return Items; and
iv. following the prompts to complete and submit the request; or
b. if you do not have a Stockland Marketplace Account, you can submit a request form here.

6. To assist with processing of your request, please include the following information in the request:
a. your name and email address so that Stockland can contact you about your request;
b. details of the product, proof of purchase (for example, your order number, invoice number or receipt) and the name of the Retailer you purchased the product from;
c. a description of the reason you are seeking a repair, refund or replacement for the product; and
d. if you believe there is an issue with the product, evidence of the issue (e.g. photographs of any damage, defects or faults).

7. When you have submitted your request (whether through your Stockland Marketplace Account or by submitting a return / refund request form), Stockland will review the request within 5 business days.

8. If your request has been accepted, you will receive an email with instructions on how to return the product, including the product return drop off location. Typically, you will be asked to return the product to the same Retailer at the same store location from which you collected the product.

9. If you are not able to drop off your returned product in store, Stockland will provide you with instructions on how and where you can post the product. You will be responsible for any costs associated with returning the product to the Retailer (i.e. delivery and postage costs), unless it is confirmed that the product failed to comply with an ACL Statutory Guarantee.

10. In the case of refunds, once the product is returned to the Retailer and the return has been processed, Stockland will initiate the refund on behalf of the Retailer, and you will receive a refund of the purchase amount within 14 business days.


11. Your privacy and protection of your personal information is important to Stockland. You may be asked to present photo identification and we may record details of your name, ID type, ID number and expiry dates, so that we can verify and confirm you as the purchaser.

12. Any personal information that is collected will be securely stored for a reasonable period time and will only be used for the purposes of confirming your identity to process the return/refund or for security and fraud protection activities. This personal information may be disclosed to federal, state and territory authorities or regulatory bodies upon request, as required or permitted by law.

13. The personal information that Stockland collects about you will be managed and stored in accordance with the Stockland Marketplace Privacy Policy located at