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Stockland Marketplace’s guide to baby gifts

Stockland Marketplace’s guide to baby gifts

So, you’re in the throes of baby showers and first-time birthday parties but have no idea what token to bestow upon the latest addition to your life.

Don’t fret, you’re not alone – there are many fellow baby-less people out there who struggle to pick a present for an impending bundle of joy. After all, babies (and all that comes with them) are about as foreign as changing a diaper to some. But that doesn’t stop us from wanting to give a high-quality gift that will help both the parents and the baby thrive.

So, without further ado, we’ve compiled our fave baby goods from bibs and dummies to clothing and toys that can conveniently be purchased through Stockland Marketplace.


You can’t go wrong with a stylish garment because literally everything looks cute when it’s that small! Soft, cuddly, and adorable – the clothes are enough to give anyone baby fever! When shopping for children’s garments it’s imperative to consider the fabric and sizing. Baby skin is sensitive so the garment must have a good texture and be made out of breathable fabrics like cotton, linen, and fleece. And what about sizing? Well, it can be confusing to say the least! So, how do you determine the difference between newborn size and 0–3 month size clothing? Typically, newborn sizes cover babies that weigh two to four kilograms, while 0–3 month sizes fit those that weigh around four to six kilograms.


Another great gifting option is toys of course – what tots don’t love playtime? Sanity and Baby Presents have a slew of fun and educational toys that will make for perfect pressies for the little ones. But there are a few things to consider when choosing a toy! Firstly, be sure to avoid ones made from thin plastic because these can break easily and secondly, don’t opt for any toys with small parts – the rule of thumb is to make sure that the parts cannot fit inside an empty toilet paper tube, to minimise the risk of choking. If you’re still struggling to pick one, then a plush toy will do the trick!

Practical Gifts

Lastly, practical gifts are always a great idea! We are loving Baby Presents’ selection of Al.ive skincare products such as their hair and body wash – the products contain carefully selected ingredients such as pear extract and jojoba oil making it ideal for young skin. And for a great addition to your gift, pick up some cute dummies or bibs – parents will love you for it!

Babies bring so much joy and delight to all those around them and what better way to celebrate this joy than with a special gift that will be cherished? We know that buying presents for babies and toddlers can be hard, but we hope this guide will help!


Product Captions:

Aussie Trend Handicrafts & Gifts Dotzies Zipper Pouch $20, Baby Presents Al.ive Body Gentle Baby Duo $65, Baby Presents All4Ella Bandana Bib $17, Baby Presents Bibs Soother Dummy Tie Dye $22.95, Baby Presents Discoveroo Sort n Stack Truck $39.95, Baby Presents All4Ella Silicone Bib and Spoon Reusable Pouch $22, Baby Presents Jellycat Bashful Bunny $39.95, Baby Presents Jellystone Koala Teether $16, Baby Presents Toshi Flap Cap $34.95, Baby Presents Wilson & Frenchy Zipsuit $42.95, Sanity Counting Stacker Toy $22.35, Sanity Outback Mates Torch Projector - sold out.

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