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Wrap with style: 4 tips to creating beautifully wrapped gifts

Wrap with style: 4 tips to creating beautifully wrapped gifts

Christmas time is officially here, which means it’s time to start gathering your gifts! You may already have your shopping list and know exactly what presents you’ll be purchasing for your nearest and dearest these holidays, but have you thought about how you’re going to wrap them?

If you’ve already gone above and beyond to decorate your home with aesthetically pleasing Christmas decorations and decked your Christmas tree out with beautiful baubles, then why not do the same with the presents that’ll be nestled under your Christmas tree? If your gifts are going to be on display, then you may as well make them look as stylish as possible!

Need some gift wrapping ideas to help you create gorgeous gifts? Keep reading to discover our top gift wrapping tips to ensure your presents are presented beautifully this Christmas!

Keep your colours cohesive


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One of the easiest ways to make sure your gifts always look delightful, is by sticking to a colour palette. If your wrapping paper, ribbon, and gift tags all follow the same colour scheme, then every single gift you wrap will always look amazing. You could stick to a traditional Christmas colour palette, pairing bright reds with dark greens and crisp whites. However, if you’d prefer to use a more unconventional colour palette, why not pair pastel pink ribbons with native floral wrapping paper? Get creative with your colours to really make your presents pop!

Use more than one ribbon


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Wrapping your gifts with a ribbon is a quick way to make them look extremely elegant, but have you ever thought about layering your ribbons? Using two ribbons within the same colour scheme for your gifts will not only make them look aesthetically pleasing, but it’ll also add texture to your gift wrapping and ultimately, make it more exciting to find under the Christmas tree! Tie your first ribbon around your gift, but before you create your bow, tie a small piece of a second coloured ribbon to your first ribbon, and then use the longer ends of your first ribbon to create your bow — it’s as simple as that!

Add a decorative element


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To create a truly beautiful gift, not only will you need lovely wrapping paper and luxurious ribbons, but you’ll also need a delicate decoration to top it all off. There are so many fun and festive gift tags available here on Stockland Marketplace that’ll tie in with your aesthetically pleasing gifts perfectly. Whether you’re looking for more traditional tags or tags that feature intricate artwork, adding an ornamental gift tag will definitely ensure your gifts look incredibly chic. If you’d like to add another ornamental piece to your gifts, venture out into your garden and use flowers and sprigs to give your gifts a more rustic feel.

Seal your present with wax


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No one likes their ribbon slipping once they’ve wrapped it around their presents, so to keep it in place, instead of sticking it down with tape why not seal it with wax? People have been sealing their cards, letters, and invitations with wax for centuries now not just because it looks exquisite, but also because wax is a lot stronger than tape. So, to make sure all the adornments you’ve placed on your gift stay in place, seal it with a colourful wax and a stamp with an intricate design to really elevate them.

There you have it! If you follow our top tips for wrapping gifts for Christmas this year, not only will your friends and family have smiles on their faces when they unwrap them, they’ll be filled with joy as soon as they spot them under the tree! The best part? You can get all of your gift wrapping essentials right here on Stockland Marketplace. Simply add your items to your cart and either get them delivered straight to your door or choose Click and Collect! Just be sure to order everything you need well before Christmas. Happy wrapping!

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