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How to keep the kids entertained these school holidays

How to keep the kids entertained these school holidays

Sometimes you can spend hours wracking your brain trying to decide how you’re going to entertain your kids for the day. There are so many variables to consider like the weather and what your daily to-do list looks like, making deciding on the right activity a bit difficult. Luckily, we have plenty of games, puzzles, and books right here on Stockland Marketplace that are guaranteed to keep your kids occupied for hours on end. So, to help get you started, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite activities to help keep your children engaged and entertained all day long.

While you're travelling


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Sanity Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J.K. Rowling $19, Sanity Kaleidoscope Travel Kit $22.35, Sanity Perplexus 3x3 Rubiks Cube Fusion $44.71.

If you’re looking for things the kids can do while you’re travelling overseas on a long-haul flight or embarking on a lengthy family road trip, we’ve got you covered. Your first port of call? A good book. Sanity has an amazing selection of kids’ books to browse through, including every book in the iconic Harry Potter series. However, if your kids prefer a puzzle or two, then why not get them a game that really tests their knowledge? Order them a Perplexus Rubiks Cube from Sanity and see if they’re able to complete not just the cube, but the maze inside it as well, before you reach your destination.

When you're out and about


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Baby Presents B.Box Lunch Box $32.95, League & Legends Ignite Series II Match Football $59.95, Sanity Purge Vendor Kids Pedal Powered Go Kart $194.55

When the sun’s out, you know the kids will be too. If you’re taking the kids outside for the day, why not get them to pack a picnic lunch with you? Baby Presents has a wide selection of lunchboxes you can use to store tasty sandwiches, succulent snacks, and maybe a sweet treat or two. Not only will they be able to get creative with their food choices, but you’ll also have an extra pair of hands to help you prep for the day ahead. Also, if you’re walking to the park for your picnic, why not let your kids drive themselves in their very own pedal-powered go kart from Sanity? Browse the range to see which models they have on offer.

When it's raining outside


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Baby Presents Therm Splash Magic Rainshell Raincoat $79.99, Sanity Let's Feed The Very Hungry Caterpillar Board Game $27.95, Sanity Ravensburger Disney Panorama Puzzle $55.90.

Sometimes the weather isn’t on our side. When this inevitably happens, it’s always good to have a few games ready to help the kids have fun at home. Sanity has a massive collection of board games guaranteed to enhance any rainy day inside. Our favourite? Let’s Feed the Very Hungry Caterpillar – because not only does it remind us of the classic book, but it’s designed for children three years and up, making it the perfect game for the younger ones to play too. Of course, rain doesn’t always stop the kids from wanting head outside. So, if your kids still want to get into nature when it’s wet, why not get them a raincoat from Baby Presents that looks adorable and reveals a hidden pattern when it touches water?

There are so many things you can do with your kids, but the hardest part is always figuring out what activity to try first. So, the next time you’re wracking your brain for fun ways to entertain your children, jump onto Stockland Marketplace and browse through all of the fantastic games, puzzles, crafts and toys we have in stock. You’re bound to find something your kids will absolutely adore.

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