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Thoughtful gift ideas for teachers: from daycare to high school

Thoughtful gift ideas for teachers: from daycare to high school

We’ve reached the end of the year which means the school holidays are about to begin and your children will be leaving one level of schooling and preparing to embark on a new educational journey in the new year. At Christmas time, everyone takes the time to give gifts to the special people in their lives to say thank you and show them how much they care and this year, why not do the same for your little one’s favourite teacher?

This festive season, we want to take the time to thank every teacher out there who’s helped our children learn about the world around them and prepare them for the next stage of their lives. If this sounds like something you’d also like to do as well, then you’ve come to the right place! There are so many thoughtful gifts you can give to your child’s educator right here on Stockland Marketplace, to thank them for all of their hard work this year. So, without further ado, let’s get shopping!

Daycare and Pre-School / Kindergarten


Product captions: The Cumquat Tree 38% Creamy Ecuadorian Milk Chocolate $11.95, The Cumquat Tree Tasteology Citrus Salt $29

If your child is finishing up at daycare, pre-school kindergarten, or kindy (depending on which state you are in), then why not treat their favourite educator with a treat to thank them for introducing them to the world of education. Sweets World has such a large range of decadent chocolates available that you’ll be able to find the perfect gift, whether your child’s teacher is a rocky road or a fruit and nut person. The Cumquat Tree also has a large range of pantry staples for you to choose from that includes everything from sweet syrups to add to your favourite beverage and aromatic teas they can sip on during nap time.

Prep / Foundation / Kindergarten


Product captions: Honest Paper Daymaker Stationery Scalloped Agenda A4 Notepad $16.95, Honest Paper Daymaker Stationery Composition Weekly Plan A4 Notepad $17.95

Is your child moving up from prep or foundation into primary school next year? Then why not thank your child’s teacher for helping them prepare by giving them some new stationery to help them prepare their weekly lesson plans? Honest Paper has so many wonderful weekly, yearly, and daily planners with creative colour palettes that’ll make their desk feel vibrant and exciting. You can also get them a gorgeous new pencil case and a set of silver, gold, and rose gold pens to create your own personalised stationery pack that your child’s teacher will surely appreciate.

Primay School


Product captions: Habitania Robert Gordon My Mug Up Close RGA x Clair Ritchie Mug $19.95, Habitania Robert Gordon Poets Dream Trinket Dish $54.95

Wondering what to get your child’s primary school teacher to thank them for a great year of learning? Why not gift them some homewares they can use to make their desk feel more homely? Habitania has wonderful mugs and trinket dishes that teachers can use to decorate their desks and hold some of their essentials like their pens, stickers, markers, and craft cupboard keys. Gracie’s Boutique also has some wonderful gifts that every primary school teacher would adore, like photo frames for them to house their student’s artwork and chic coasters.

High School


Product captions: Just Sport Frank Green Water Bottle $49.99, Just Sport JanSport Cross Town Backpack $69.99

High school teachers don’t tend to stay in the same place throughout the day. Instead, they tend to move from classroom to classroom, so if you’re wanting to thank your child’s high school teacher for a fantastic year of learning, why not get them a gift that’ll help them move from place to place? Just Sport stock aesthetically pleasing water bottles and backpacks that’ll make every high school teacher smile as they carry their essentials around the school. King IT also has a great range of laptop bags and sleeves to choose from, so you’ll be able to find the perfect thing to thank your child’s favourite high school teacher and help them prepare for the new school year.

Whether your little one is finishing prep, foundation, kindergarten primary school, high school, or daycare, you’ll always find the most thoughtful gifts to thank their teachers here on Stockland Marketplace. Once you’ve found the perfect piece, simply get them delivered straight to your door or click and collect from your local Stockland shopping centre. Thank you to every teacher for another educational year!

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