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Winter 101: how to keep your skin healthy

Winter 101: how to keep your skin healthy

If jetting off to a tropical island or embarking on a Euro summer is off the cards for you this season, then you’ll need to be equipped for winter in all its glory (we’re talking chapped-lips, dry skin, and in some cases eczema). Luckily, it’s easy to adjust your skincare and makeup routine to accommodate for the chilly weather. Below, we’ve compiled the best ways to winter-proof your skin from head to toe! Plus, all the products mentioned can be purchased right here on Stockland Marketplace (see, it’s easy).


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First and foremost, let’s chat about skincare! The secret to achieving glowing skin in winter lies in the products you use (especially when it comes to the face). If you look after your face properly you won’t feel the need to use extra makeup and in turn dry your skin out even more. But what does that involve? Firstly, ensure you have a gentle exfoliating cream to unclog pores and smooth the skin. We recommend the Clinique 7 Day Scrub Cream, it’s formulated without parabens, phthalates and fragrance, and it was developed by a dermatologist. Next, you’ll need a rich moisturiser to hydrate the skin and lastly, you can’t forget about your lips! Try Gracie Boutiques Flannel Flower Lip Lustre – not only does it moisturise the lips, but it will also plump them!

Once you’ve got your skincare regimen down pat, you’ll need to swap out a few makeup products to better suit the cool weather. We recommend steering clear from any powder products and opting for liquids or creams instead – this will give the effect of dewy, hydrated skin – think liquid concealer, cream blush, and cream bronzer! When it comes to foundation, the Clinique Even Better Foundation from City Perfume is the ideal one for winter. Why? Because it contains hyaluronic acid to enrich the skin, salicylic acid to restore radiance, and vitamin C to brighten.

It's important to note that skincare is not just about the face, it’s a full-body agenda! Swap out your regular conditioner for a Kerastase mask from Elenbi Hair Salons – it’ll repair and restore those dry split ends. Then be sure to stock up on a body wash, body cream, and hand cream that will nourish any unwanted dry skin (goodbye dry knuckles!).

Winterfying your skincare and makeup regimen doesn’t mean replacing all the products in your vanity, but it does mean you should consider stocking up on the essentials listed above (your skin will thank you, trust us on this!).

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