Decoding kids’ formal attire

Decoding kids’ formal attire


Special occasions don’t happen every day, making for the perfect excuse to get the whole family all glammed up (tiny tots included). And although dress codes aren’t as strict for kids, it certainly pays to dress them appropriately. After all, you wouldn’t want your little one rocking up to a wedding in their playdate clothes – talk about underdressed! A browse through Stockland Marketplace is a sure fire way to ensure your children are dressed to impress – let’s take a closer look at how we can help when it comes to formal children’s attire.


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Smart casual

Smart casual usually means any daytime event like a baby shower, kid’s birthday party, or even free dress day at school. The best way to tackle this is by keeping it trendy and polished. Opt for sneakers, shorts, and a button-up shirt for the boys. For girls, sandals, a floral dress, and a hair accessory will do the trick.


No need to get your hands on a tuxedo just yet, semi-formal sits right in between smart casual and formal attire. Think engagement parties, milestone birthdays, and in some cases, family get-togethers. We recommend looking at Blue Sky Kids selection of kids clothing, (you can shop their entire range here) they have everything from shoe choices to accessories.

The best way to transition from smart casual to semi-formal is through the fabric, avoid knit, soft cotton, and linen – these materials are too casual for semi-formal events. Instead, select dresses made with tulle and chiffon for the little princesses, and you’ll always be safe with a chino option for the boys.


If you’ve got a formal event on the calendar, then we bet you’re on the hunt for a perfect outfit for your little one. After all, not everyone has a spare kid-sized suit in their wardrobe, and if you do, they have most likely already outgrown it. The good news is that you’re in the right spot. Blue Sky Kids Land and Baby Presents know a thing or two about kids formal wear and Stockland Marketplace has it all in one spot, just click here!

This is the part where a sigh of relief is in order, the hunt for kids’ formal wear just got a whole lot easier. Gone are the days of trekking to a formal shop way out of town, instead purchase it all online from one place, Stockland Marketplace.

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