The best toys for kids of all ages

The best toys for kids of all ages

Kids love their toys, no matter how old they may be. Sometimes though, you can spend hours wracking your brain trying to decide which toy to buy for your kids as they get older. Not only do their interests change over time, but the toys get better and better, so trying to decide on what toys to get them can become tricker as time goes on – but that’s when Toymate comes in!

Toymate has toys for children in every age group, whether they’re into tricky puzzles, board games, remote controlled cars, or action figures. So, to help you find the best toys for your kids, we’ve compiled a list of our favourites to make toy shopping an absolute breeze!



Product captions: Toymate Playground Silicone Teething Ball $14.95, Toymate Living Textiles Mason The Elephant Ring Rattle $22.95

Just because they’re young it doesn’t mean babies don’t love to play! When it comes to the best toys for babies, it’s best to stick with the classics – why? Because these classic toys can not only entertain babies for hours, but they can also soothe them, and make sure they feel comfortable in this very early stage of their lives. Jellystone Designs make so many wonderful baby toys, including silicone teething rings, and with so many cute rattles to choose from, you’re bound to find one your baby will adore. Of course, just be sure to check that the toys you choose are suitable for your child, as every bub is different.



Product captions: Toymate Playgo MyTea Party Set $29.99, Toymate LEGO DUPLO Organic Market $49.99.

When it comes to the best toys for toddlers, the possibilities are endless! They love fun with a capital F, which makes it really easy to find the perfect toys for them, as they’re willing to play with almost everything! This is the perfect time to introduce your kids to Playdoh and let their creativity run wild as they mould their own unique creations with the rainbow-coloured dough. If your toddler is a Bluey fan (who isn’t?), then getting them a Bluey Play Set will definitely be a good choice, and if you’ve got a toddler who loves food, then getting them a Cooking Pan Play Set will no doubt keep them entertained for hours.



Product captions: Toymate Magic Mixies Mixlings Magic Castle Playset $59.99, Toymate Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots Game $20.

As your kids start school, big changes happen in their lives. They start making friends and they all start playing together, more often than solo! So, when it comes to buying toys for school-aged children, try to get them toys they are able to shared with their new friends, such as a Crayola Creations Beadola Charm Maker, a set of Barbie Career dolls, a Pokemon TCG: League Battle Deck, and a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Switch Kick Mini Skate Park set.



Product captions: Toymate Rubiks 3x3 Cube $26.99, Toymate Air Hogs Gravitor $29.99.

The tween years is usually when shopping for toys can get slightly more difficult, as they love toys that will challenge them and stimulate their growing brains. Luckily, Toymate has plenty of puzzles and remote-controlled toys to keep your tween’s mind sharp. The Rubik’s Phantom Cube, a more advanced version of the classic Rubik’s Cube, will challenge your tween to complete the cube without the guidance of the brightly coloured squares, and the UFO Remote Control Drone will challenge them to keep the drone in air as it navigates through a variety of obstacles.



Product captions: Toymate Catan 5th Edition $69.99, Toymate Segway Ninebot Kickscooter F20 $879.

When shopping for toys for teens, it’s best to look for something they’ll be able to enjoy with their friends. When you’re a teenager, all you want to do is spend time with your besties, so any toys, puzzles, or games they can enjoy with their friends will be a great option. Board games like Catan, Cluedo, and Monopoly are always great for teens, as it will encourage some friendly competition. The iHome Sound Factory Karaoke Machine is also a great option for teens, because no sleepover is complete without a bit of singing and dancing!

Whether you’re shopping for a newborn, toddler, teen, or tween, you’ll always find the best toys for your kids here on Stockland Marketplace. Once you’ve found the perfect toy, simply get them delivered straight to your door or click and collect from your local Stockland shopping centre. Your kids with love you for it!

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