Top 9 grooming essentials every man needs

Top 9 grooming essentials every man needs

Within the wonderful world of grooming, there’s always some new and exciting product launching, making it hard to know what works, and what’s actually worth buying! Luckily the team at Kingsmen Hair have done the groundwork for you, sourcing only the best of the best in men’s grooming – we’re talking styling must-haves, haircare holy grails, shaving essentials and more. The well-known barbershop has over 40 years of experience, so they certainly know a thing or two when it comes to haircare and grooming.

So, we have put together a quick and dirty guide to a few beauty basics for men – from techniques to products – here’s everything you need! (P.S. All featured products are available right here on Stockland Marketplace!)


Product Captions

Kingsmen Hair 18.21 Man Made Sweet Spirits Fragrance $89, Kingsmen Hair  Original Nu Brush $5, Kingsmen Hair  Proraso Beard Oil $25, Kingsmen Hair  Proraso Beard Wash $25, Kingsmen Hair  Sheffield Hair Building Fibers $18, Kingsmen Hair  Uppercut Deluxe Styling Powder $27.99, Kingsmen Hair  Hulk Gold Hair Trimmers $70,   Kingsmen Hair  Uppercut Deluxe Clay $27.95, Kingsmen Hair  Mareb Alum Stick $6.

Styling must-haves

Kingsman Hair have a range of versatile styling products starting with the Nu Brush. Not only will it assist in vitalising your scalp and removing dandruff, but it will ensure your strands aren’t looking knotted and unkempt. Next up, you’ll need styling clay or powder (depending on your hair type). Clays are great for those with oily scalps because they are water-based instead of oil-based, whereas powder is great for those with dull, flat hair. A dash of powder will add texture and movement within moments. 

Haircare holy grails 

Now onto haircare, think fragrance and fibre builders. We’re sure you already have a go-to shampoo and conditioner, so we aren’t going to tell you to reinvent the wheel! Instead, let’s add some essentials to your vanity. First up, every man needs a cologne, but have you considered one that’s applied to your temples, and gives the illusion of fresh-scented strands? Try the Man Made Spirts Aromatic Oil and enjoy the sweet tobacco and vanilla scent. Next up, we recommend getting your hands on the Sheffield Hair Building Fibres, with keratin fibres that cling to existing hair, and fill in any thinning or balding areas. 

Shaving essentials 

There’s no secret formula to having good skin after shaving, but there’re a few tricks that will help (and we’re not talking about warm water, shaving cream, and moisturiser). The Mareb Alum Stick is your saving grace when it comes to shaving nicks and abrasions. The stick will instantly seal any minor cuts and it’s even packed with natural haemostatic and anti-bacterial ingredients. We also recommend a beard oil and wash to tame, smooth, and protect your facial hair. Lastly, a good trimmer is a necessity – we love the Hulk Hair Trimmers. The best part? They are only $70. 

Every man needs a few good essentials to complete their grooming routine, and we’re sure these will have you and your vanity in top shape. Be sure to browse Kingsmen Hair’s full range of products right here. Happy shopping!

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