Housewarming gift ideas for every type of friend

Housewarming gift ideas for every type of friend

If you have friends who have recently moved into a new home, a thoughtful and easy way to help them celebrate is by getting them a housewarming gift. The perfect housewarming gift can not only help a friend settle into their new space, but it can also show them that you’ll be there to support them, no matter how far away they’ve moved. If you’re looking to give a friend the perfect housewarming gift, but aren’t sure where to look, we recommend casting your eyes over The Cumquat Tree’s gifting range. They have everything from tasty teas to indoor plant care, so you’re bound to find the perfect housewarming gift no matter what your friends are into.

For the plant parent


Products: The Cumquat Tree We The Wild Grow Plant Food & Tonic Concentrate $14.95, The Cumquat Tree We The Wild Protect Spray $14.95

If your friend has their own indoor jungle to take care of, why not gift them some plant care products, so their plants remain strong and healthy. The Cumquat Tree has a wide range of plant care products available, including We The Wild’s Grow Plant Food & Tonic Concentrate, which is packed with good bacteria, enzymes, and nutrients to help plants grow and develop strong roots. Speaking of roots, We The Wild’s Support Pellets are also a great housewarming gift, as they will slowly transform a plant’s soil into a complex ecosystem that’s ripe for speedy growth!

For the scent expert


Products: The Cumquat Tree iKou Essential Oil Trio $66.95, The Cumquat Tree Koala Eco Hand & Surface Spray $12.95.

Looking for a housewarming gift for your friend who enjoys a soothing scent in their space? The Cumquat Tree has a vast collection of scented candles, diffusers and essential oils that’ll make their home smell absolutely divine. The iKou Essential Oil Trio Set is a great gift as it includes three essential oil blends that all have their own unique fragrance. The 'Rest' blend has floral notes with a hint of orange, the 'Relax' blend combines lavender with neroli and orange, while the 'Restore' blend pairs bergamot with a dash of cedarwood.

For the tea drinker


Products: The Cumquat Tree Organic Merchant Australian Breakfast Tea $39.95, The Cumquat Tree Indigo Love Ariel Mug $20.

Got a friend who loves a spot of tea? Then we recommend gifting them some fabulous new flavours to add to their collection. The Cumquat Tree have so many different tea blends to choose from so you’re bound to find the perfect brew. You can’t go wrong with the Organic Merchant Australian Breakfast Tea, which can be enjoyed on its own or with milk and honey. We also recommend the Organic Merchant Spicy Chai Tea if your friend likes a bit of spice or the [Organic Merchant Moroccan Mojito Iced Tea](] if they prefer a cooler brew.

For the fashion lover


Products: The Cumquat Tree Gingerlilly Lenore Cotton Long Robe $129.95, The Cumquat Tree Papinelle Margot Gingham Full Length Pyjamas $119.95.

Now, clothes are very personal thing because everyone has their own personal style, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make sure your friend is cosy in their new home. If you’re looking for a housewarming present for your friend that’s always on-trend, then we recommend getting them the Gingerlilly Lenore Cotton Long Robe, so they’re warm and comfortable year-round. Another great gift idea is a new set of pyjamas for them to sleep soundly in. The Papinelle Margot Full Length Pyjamas have a minimal design, meaning they’ll work no matter what your friend’s personal style may be.

As you can see, The Cumquat Tree is full of great housewarming gift ideas for every type of friend. Browse The Cumquat Tree’s full range of products right here on Stockland Marketplace to find the perfect pieces to make your feel well inside and out.

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