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Top 10 board games you didn't know you needed

Top 10 board games you didn't know you needed

Discover 10 Board Games That You Never Knew You Needed

Are you tired of the same old activities in your free time? You may need some board games to fire up those evenings - you just don't know it yet! Let us explain why.

Why Do You Need Board Games in Your Life? Board games are making a resurgence for a reason. In a world packed with stresses caused by work, personal lives, social media, and more, they are a great escape from reality and a jump into some fun and frolic.

But aren't board games for little kids? Absolutely not. Some fantastic board games are designed to create an excellent activity for a night or a day where you and your peers need to escape. In 2022, there are a few that will tickle your fancy.

Here are 10 Current Favourite Board Games That Will Spark a Great Night In

Explore ten trending board games that send friends and families into an entertainment frenzy.

1. Pandemic Board Game

Can you think of a more significant board game to align with the times? This co-operative game will have you travelling the world fighting an outbreak of disease. It is suited for players 8+.

2. Love Actually Monopoly

This is the game for you for anyone who can't get enough of the Love Actually reruns during Christmas time. Now Monopoly comes in a Love Actually edition for you to reminisce on your favourite parts of the film. Made for ages 7+.

3. The Amazing Labyrinth

This thrilling card-based board game will test your brains and wit in discovering how to piece the game pieces together and forge an escape route - suitable for ages seven and up.

4. Risk Legacy Board Game

Pit your conquering skills against other players and dominate the world in this exciting strategy board game. It is recommended for ages 10+.

5. Cone of Shame

How much of a lame-brain are you? If you're the lamest answer in the room, you'll have to wear the Cone of Shame! This hilarious board game is suitable for ages 16+.

6. Squatter Holden Board Game - 70th Anniversary Edition

The classic Australian game just got more Australian. Celebrate Squatter's 70th anniversary with a Holden edition! Suitable for ages 10+.

7. Exit the Game House of Riddles

Escape rooms are becoming all the rage, and now you can bring the exciting experience into your home. Crack the mysteries inside this abandoned house and get out alive. It is recommended for players ten and above.

8. Yacht Rock - Board Game

Become the rock star you always wanted to be with this music-based board game. Win by creating a cult of personality that scores the most points. Suitable for ages 10+.

9. Boganology Booze Bus

Perhaps for your next dinner party, over 18s only! Players take turns to move around the game board visiting the local pubs, clubs and mates BBQ. To keep drinking responsible, consider watering down with soda, and remember, do real driving afterwards! Drink responsibly and plenty of water. Suitable for ages 18+

10. Fischer-Price Kids Charades Game

One for the little ones of the house. Don't you love a bit of a charade? This Fischer-Price Charades game makes the experience fun for little ones, too, with its easy to identify cards and colourful graphics. The board game is made for ages 3+.

Board Games are a Great Activity for All - And There's More Where That Came From!

These are some of the most popular board games this year, but if you're looking for more tailored to your interests, there is undoubtedly one to fit. Explore the board game marketplace for immersive activities with themes of crime, adventure, comedy, etc.

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