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Uniting Through Fashion: The Story of Clothing The Gaps

Uniting Through Fashion: The Story of Clothing The Gaps

Clothing The Gaps (CTG) isn’t your typical brand. it’s a certified Victorian Aboriginal business, a social enterprise, and a B-Corp – all rolled into one. Founded by Laura Thompson (Gunditjmara) and Sarah Sheridan (non-Indigenous), this Aboriginal Community label is deeply rooted in Wurundjeri Country.

Beyond Shopping: A Conversation Hub

Located in the vibrant northern suburb of Brunswick, Melbourne, their flagship store isn’t just a place to shop—it’s a hub where conversation starters are carefully curated, packed, and sent across the country and beyond. As Laura Thompson, the co-founder, eloquently puts it: ‘Fashion isn’t just about what you wear; it’s about the conversations you start. Our tees are more than fabric; they’re catalysts for change.’

Merch with a Message

CTG mission goes beyond trendy apparel. They aim to unite Indigenous and non-Indigenous people through fashion and cause. Their tees encourage wearers to express their values, sparking conversations that support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities and causes.


Freeing the Flag: A Turning Point

Clothing The Gaps has Mob at the heart of everything they do. They are driven by their work in education, advocacy, celebrating and prioritising First Nation’s people and voices, and motivating people to take action. They are incredibly proud to be an independent brand using business as a vehicle for economic self-determination, providing over 20,000 hours of Indigenous youth employment every year.

From 2019 to 2021, Clothing The Gaps spearheaded the Free The Flag campaign—a powerful movement aimed at liberating the Aboriginal flag from copyright restrictions and returning it to the public domain. As Laura puts it: ‘The Free The Flag campaign was a turning point for us. It showed us that fashion can be a force for social justice. We’re proud to have played a part in freeing the Aboriginal flag.’ This campaign truly cemented the transformative power of fashion in driving social change

Join the Mission

CTG loves hearing stories about the interactions a piece of their merch has sparked from Mob and Allies (non-Indigenous people actively supporting Aboriginal Community and causes). It really is more than a tee, it’s a conversation starter!

Clothing The Gaps joined Stockland Marketplace to share their mission with a new audience and to encourage more people to decolonise their wardrobes and wear their values. Laura emphasises, “We believe in bridging the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people. Our brand is a bridge – a way to connect hearts and minds”. Everyone is invited to join their mission to influence social change and create better outcomes for First Nations people in this country. What you wear really does make a difference!


Product captions: Tie Dye Spirit Tee $70, Blak Luv Pin $15, Red CTG Scarf $65, Blak Luv Tee $65, Gathering Blanket $130, Frank Green Bottle $60.

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